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No more dragging polygon points and spending hours annotating. IntelliBrush is the fastest way to label your data regardless of object complexity.
IntelliBrush Detecting Cars
Pixel-Perfect Annotations
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Powered by Datature Nexus
IntelliBrush integrates seamlessly on the Datature Nexus platform, no additional plug-ins required.
AI-Assisted Annotator
One-click annotations from the get-go regardless of image. Our industry agnostic tool means you get all the goodness without prior training.
Save on Data Labelling Costs
Outsourcing your annotations to an external team? Save time and money with our in-built QA and project collaboration tools at no additional cost.
#NoCode Approach
Datature advocates for the #NoCode movement. We believe in democratizing access to complex features. IntelliBrush works right out of the box with no prior training required.
Robust Class Filtering
IntelliBrush is built on the same annotator workflow that supports multi-object and tag filtering so you can get crystal-clear annotations.
Model Friendly Use Cases
IntelliBrush supports masks, polygons and bounding boxes for your segmentation and detection models.
Intuitive Annotating experience

Unlock your Data Labelling Team

Integrate Easily
Simply upload your image files and label your data. No tedious onboarding or training required.
No Down-time
Pre-process images all on the same workflow without swapping between tools and team members.
INdustry Agnostic

Supports any use-case right out of the box

Label Complex Objects
 Intellibrush works straight out of the box without any prior tuning or training
Responsive Annotations
Pan, zoom and hide unwanted classes for pixel-perfect annotations
Made for ml teams by ml engineers

Scale your ML Development Pipeline

Import and Export
Switching from an existing labelling service? Import annotations in any formats
Model Agnostic
IntelliBrush supports both masks, polygons and bounding boxes for detection and segmentation models

Get Pixel-Perfect, Labelled Data 10x Faster

Your model is only as good as your labelled data.
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