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Manage, Annotate, Train, and Deploy Computer Vision Models

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Frictionless Onboarding and Management

Keep your team moving at lightning speed with rich features to onboard and manage projects, collaborators, images, annotations, and models all in one place.

Seamless Onboarding

Import images and annotations to continue where your project left off. Or start anew without any hassle.

Fast Performance

Data locality to store and compute on the fly with a great experience regardless where you are.

Faster, Smarter, Better

Tools and features designed to improve productivity and collaboration between team members.

Labelling in a Few Clicks

Annotate objects of different shapes and sizes 10x faster with IntelliBrush - our AI-assisted Labelling Tool. Use as a single user or with collaborators to label precise image data for training.

Easy to Use

IntelliBrush works within Nexus without installation and training.

Configure and Refine

Specify the level of granularity and refine objects to suit your needs.

Applicable to All

IntelliBrush works on all images and supports masks, polygons, and bounding boxes.

Optimised Model Transfer Learning Algorithms and Libraries

We implement state-of-the-art algorithms and libraries so you don't have to. From FasterRCNN to YOLOX architectures - we enable you to build with research-tested methods.

Powerful Model Training Workflows

Build model training workflows with multiple parameters via an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Easily Tune Hyperparameters

Achieve optimal results tuning model architecture, batch size, number of epochs, and many more.

Image Augmentations

Enhance model robustness with auto image augmentations that scales with training checkpoints.

Join 1000s of Teams Building with Datature

Use-cases in
Smart Cities
to inspire your next build

Identification, Classification and Localization of Tactile Defects using Object-Detection Models

"Our engineers and researchers used the Datature platform to annotate & train multiple models on our managed infrastructure for detection of multiple defect class using multiple, parallel GPU servers that wasn't previously possible."

Dynamic Detection, Tracking, and Re-Identification of Vehicles via Drone (UAV) Imagery

"We used the Datature Platform to explore the use of aerial imagery, deep neural networks and drone to identify and re-identify various vehicle classes. This allowed continual tracking of vehicle-of-interests even if the target is temporarily obscured by overhead bridges or buildings."

Instance and Semantic Segmentation for Defect Detections for Automating Materials Inspections

"In just a few weeks, the Datature's platform has generated a model, leveraging our synthetic augmentation generation and multi-GPU environment, and broke the lab's record."

Construction Site Activity Monitoring, Timelining, and
Entity Tracking using
Real-Time Video Feeds

"We hoped to leverage our existing on-site camera streams and AI to better understand construction activities. However, our team did not possess the requisite knowledge in both cloud engineering and deep learning. Hence, the Datature platform acted as the abstraction between video data and insights via APIs."

Aerial Imagery Analysis using Deep Learning Methods -
Feasibility Study and
Vertical Exploration

"With access to defence advisors and SSTL's network of satellite technology providers like Maxar and other players in the region. Datature seeks to build a connector to run inferences on satellite APIs as well as build a turnkey products that enable companies to quickly fine-tune their neural networks."

Remove the Guesswork with Advance Model Evaluation

Assess the model’s performance with interactive metrics and visualisation.

Project Dashboard

Gain an overview of performance metrics that matter in a single glance.

Model Update

Track and monitor training progress with real time reporting.

Model Performance

Visually evaluate the performance of the model against ground truth to glean insights.

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payload = {"image_type":"url","data":""}
headers = {
    "accept": "application/json",    
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response =, json=payload, headers=headers)

Deploy AI Models as Cloud APIs

Integrate quickly and easily via REST API with fully managed cloud infrastructure that scales with you regardless of the tech stack.

Cloud Resources

From load balancing to instances, we provide the reliability without the hefty cost.

Secure and

Compliant with latest encryption standards and certifications, with data locality and signed URLs.

Easy API

Regardless of tech stack, get connected easily and run inference predictions in your app in no time.

Build Your AI Vision Applications for Free

Develop your go-to-market product with our no-code MLOps platform that simplifies how computer vision models are built.

Up to 500 images with model-assisted annotations
Up to 300 minutes of GPU training
Slack and email support from our engineers and product managers