The All-in-One Platform to Build and Deploy Vision AI for m|

The All-in-One Platform to Build and Deploy Vision AI for m|

Trusted by over 6000 teams to streamline dataset management, annotation, training, and deployment of computer vision models into production.

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The All-in-One Platform to Build and Deploy Vision AI for m|

The different use-cases of Datature AI Vision platform like manufacturing, healthcare, and construction.The different use-cases of Datature AI Vision platform like manufacturing, healthcare, and construction.

Annotate Faster

Train Better

Deploy At Scale

Shorten time-to-market with comprehensive features at every phase of the computer vision pipeline, optimising workflows and greatly enhancing productivity.

Image and video annotation platform
Sunil RawaL
Lead AI Engineer at Gardyn

Datature’s platform has allowed us to scale our AI efforts across the board. Their slick UI and deep feedback on model performance allowed us to deploy production-grade segmentation and detection models without a large team or major expense. As the use of AI inside Gardyn is scaling up, Datature is providing the tools to do that without a hitch.

David Nguyen, PHD
Co-Founder & CEO at BrainScanology

I was immediately amazed by how rapid and easy to use Datature’s platform is for segmenting complex shapes in medical images. Its high level of accuracy on the first run, before any additional refinements, blew me away.

Thamma Varangoon
Co-Founder & CMO at CentrovisioN

Datature’s user-friendly interface has expedited building Computer Vision models, which are then used by CenInspect to carry out defect identification and analysis in a more streamlined and efficient manner.


Built for Rapid Experimentation to

Scalable Production

Streamline workflows and boost productivity with powerful tools for every stage of the computer vision pipeline.

Annotate Visual Datasets

Develop Training Datasets in Lightning Velocity

Manage large datasets with version controls, customise labelling workflows, enhance annotation precisions, and gain full visibility into your datasets with automated tools and advanced search for both 2D and 3D visual data.

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Effortless Dataset Management

Quickly manage and annotate visual data by drag-and-drop or automatic upload via API, import popular annotations, create projects, assign user access, and perform precise searches for streamlined dataset management.

Enhance Quality and Efficiency

Build specific workflows to manage each step of the annotation pipeline to increase security, labelling and review throughput, efficiency and quality metrics to gain insights into individual labeller performance, thereby identifying and resolving bottlenecks.

Label Data Faster with AI

Experience 10x faster and more precise image and video annotations with our improved Intellibrush capability, built with scale in mind. Supports object detection, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and many more.

Train Production Models

Rapid Experiment to Production

Effortlessly experiment, fine-tune inputs, and manage multi-GPU training with advanced models. Gain insights through visualisation and analysis tools. Train with generative AI and augmentations, ensuring robust production inference performance.

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Custom Training Workflow

Effortlessly set up model training strategies through an intuitive visual workflow. Seamlessly manage dataset versions, filter specific labels, apply augmentations, fine-tune hyperparameters, and select cutting-edge model architectures with just a few simple clicks.

Automated Model Training

Experience unparalleled power and simplicity with automated model training. Gain real-time insights into your model's performance with visually-rich performance evaluations, intuitive performance graphs, and confusion matrix. Our detailed training logs are expertly designed to unravel, interpret, and debug your model at every step, fostering unwavering trust in your AI-driven decisions.

Flexible and Interoperable Artifacts

Easily store a multitude of artifacts and export them in diverse formats, such as TensorFlow, TFLite, and ONNX, seamlessly integrated with your existing stack. Alternatively, opt for a hosted deployment in a region of your choice with us for effortless management, security, and accessibility.

Integrate with Applications

Unleash AI's Real-World Potential

Leverage the power of AI for real-world problem-solving and decision-making with scalable deployments and seamless integrations to popular applications and tools, that suits your business logic all through APIs or our suite of tools.

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Scalable Model Deploy

Automate your computer vision model deployment with us and let us handle the technical complexities for you. Enjoy unparalleled performance with auto-scaling and monitoring, as well as inbuilt enterprise-grade security. Leverage deployments to drive model-assisted labelling or implement model drift strategies all in one platform.

Seamless Model Integrations

Maximise business outcomes and unlock value by seamlessly integrating computer vision model predictions with custom business requirements using our visual workflow builder. Easily connect multiple tools and applications at scale without code, accelerating value realisation without the need for additional human resources.

Manage complex visual datasets, scale labelling with AI, experiment with model training strategies, and ensure seamless training and secure deployment.

Multiple formats, versioning, and buckets with search and filters.

Ensure data accuracy, accessibility, security, and appropriateness.

Classification, Detection, Segmentation, and 3D data

Create training data 10x faster with generative AI and custom pipelines, including external labelling workforce.

Latest model architectures with custom setup and tuning

Experiment at scale and compare performance with advanced tools.

Auto-scale, load balance, and region selection

Deploy on GPUs or CPUs that suit your needs. On-premises or edge devices ready, too.

Developer friendly tools

Access advanced features and build on our stack with powerful APIs and comprehensive SDK.

SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant

Comply with data security and privacy in the most demanding industries.

Used by Forward-Thinking Industries.

Proven use-cases that deliver outstanding
business value propositions with Computer Vision.

Image of computer vision in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare use-cases built on Datature Nexus.
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Augment medical diagnosis with AI on MRIs, CT Scans, X-rays to accelerate the future of healthcare.

Image of computer vision in Retail and E-Commerce use-cases built on Datature Nexus.
Retail & E-commerce

Improve inventory management, deploy autonomous check-outs, and more with our cutting-edge MLOps platform.

Image of computer vision in Smart City use-cases built on Datature Nexus.
Smart City

Build and optimise AI models for smart traffic grid, urban planning, homeland security and more to reimagine the way people live, work, and play.

Image of image segmentation in Utilities and Energy solutions, built by Datature Nexus AI Vision platform.
Utilities & Energy

Automate asset inspection and assessment with AI continuously to improve efficiency.

Image of Land Management in Agriculture solutions, built by Datature Nexus AI Vision platform.

Maximise crop yield, livestock health monitoring, optimise land management for a sustainable future.

Image of computer vision in Manufacturing and Construction use-cases built on Datature Nexus.
Manufacturing & Construction

Increase production throughput, improve quality checks, reduce workplace incidents and position for the 4th industrial revolution.


Powering the Community - Innovators to Enterprises

See how our products have helped customers build computer vision models to fuel their experiments, proof of concepts, and businesses.

Image of Complex Defect Detection in Manufacturing use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Complex Defect Detection

Image of Pipeline Inspection in Utilities and Energy use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Utilities and Energy:
Pipeline Inspection

Image of Remote Monitoring in Construction use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Remote Construction Monitoring

Image of Crop Disease Detection in Agriculture solutions, built by Datature Nexus AI Vision platform.

Crop Grading

Smart City:
Traffic Safety Monitoring

Utilities and Energy:
Cable Line Assessment

Pest Detection

Robotics Line Processing

Retail and E-Commerce:
Inventory Management

Image of City Surveillance in Smart City use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Smart Cities:
City Surveillance

Image of Life Stock Monitoring in Agriculture use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Life Stock Monitoring

Image of Automated Checkout in Retail and E-commerce use-cases build on the Datature Nexus computer vision MLOps platform.

Retail and E-Commerce:
Automated Checkout

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare:
Digital Pathology

Image of Harvest Optimisation in Agriculture use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Harvest Optimisation

Smart Cities:
Occupancy Management

Wafer Defect Detection

Retail and E-Commerce:
Footfall Analysis

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare:
Medical Imaging

Utilities & Energy:
Solar Panel Inspection

Powerful Developer Tools

Integrate with our platform effortlessly through our CLI and SDK, and unlock advanced features to streamline your computer vision pipeline at scale with a few lines of code through your Jupyter notebook.

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Build with Scale and Security

Harness our Python SDK to build your own applications and workflows.

New Features and More

Get priority access to new features and stay ahead of the crowd.

Build Your AI Vision Applications for Free

Develop your go-to-market product with our no-code MLOps platform that simplifies how computer vision models are built.

Up to 300 images with unlimited annotations
Up to 300 minutes of GPU training
Slack and email support from our engineers and product managers

Deploy Models to Production

Unleash the power of your AI models by deploying them with a few clicks. Trigger complex business processes and logic with an intuitive drag and drop interface.

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