Portal is #opensource

Visual Inspection Tool for Vision Models

No more wrangling with cv2 or matplotlib codes to visualize or test your models, especially on videos. Portal is the fastest way to inspect your neural network inferences on your datasets.
Portal works on your browser!
Datature Portal - Portal is the fastest way to inspect your vision models | Product Hunt
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Portal works with your custom fine-tuned models. However, Portal works best when used with Datature Nexus, extending your MLOps workflow end-to-end!
Open-Source Software
Fork it, Clone it, Improve it. Portal was made such that you can contribute the features you want to see. More importantly, you can edit it and ship it with your product, for free.
Well Documented
All codes are documented and modification guidelines are there so that you can make it work on your own custom model or data from day one.
#NoCode Approach
Datature advocates for the #NoCode movement. We believe in democratizing access to complex features. Portal works right out of the box with your models.
Run Inferences on Videos
Testing your models on videos is the troublesome part. With Portal, you can dynamically adjust thresholds as the video is playing to best inspect the smallest details.
Packed With Features
Portal comes with features such as class filtering, video inference, IoU and confidence thresholding. Oh, and an ambitious roadmap of features to improve your ML workflow.
Intuitive inspection interface

Look Deeper Into Model Performance

Dynamic Inspection
Class Filtering and Confidence Threshold can be changed on-the-fly without re-running inference.
Flexible Canvas
Zoom, Pan, Play or Pause - Portal allows you to inspect predictions down to the video frame or pixels easily!
Load your own fine-tuned model

Supports Bounding Boxes and Masks

Renders Masks and Poly
Working on a custom MaskRCNN or YOLOv4 model on a Kaggle or Research Project? Portal covers that.
Custom Architecture
Have an ONNX or model format that Portal doesn't support yet? It's easy to integrate your own model - Read More Here
Multiple media type support

Frame by Frame to Identify Real-World Performance

Videos and Images
Portal supports loading of multiple dataset folders at once. Portal automatically switches the interface based on filetype.
Pause and Scrub
Identify scenarios where your model fails or gets confused by diving into the frames. Portal supports multi-frame intervals.

Make Portal part of your workflow today

Train your model on Datature Nexus for free and visualize it in Portal - all without a single line of code. Need help creating a custom model?

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