Utilities & Energy

Asset health and safety are paramount in the Utilities & Energy industry. Datature integrates cutting-edge Computer Vision applications with existing infrastructure management tools to develop a suite of data-driven insights to ensure the continued operations of core infrastructure by automating routine inspections and assessments.

Datature - Computer Vision for Utilities Aerial Monitoring

Aerial Monitoring Services

Datature - Computer Vision for Energy Asset Management

Energy Asset Management

Datature - Computer Vision for Cable Line Assessment

Cable Line Assessment

Datature - Computer Vision for Solar Panel Inspection

Solar Panel Inspection

Datature - Computer Vision for Wafer Inspection

Wafer Defect Detection

Datature - Computer Vision for Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

One MLOps platform for all your Computer Vision Needs

Annotate, train, monitor and deploy your machine vision models all in one place.

Supercharge your Team
Datature Nexus works right out of the box without any prior training required. Leverage on our SOTA model and augmentation library.
AI-Assisted Annotator
One-click annotations from the get-go regardless of image. Our industry agnostic tool means you get all the goodness without prior training.
Save on Data Labelling Costs
Outsourcing your annotations to an external team? Save time and money with our in-built QA and project collaboration tools at no additional cost.
#NoCode Approach
Datature advocates for the #NoCode movement. We believe in democratizing access to complex features. IntelliBrush works right out of the box with no prior training required.
Deploy via API or on Edge
Deploy your models via our API script or convert your models to a lightweight format like ONNX or TFLite for deployment on Edge.
Hyperparameter Tuning
Control every aspect of model training and select the hyperparameters that make sense for you and your use case. No more training your models in a black box.

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