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Whether you are starting out or blazing with complex business processes in large organisations with specific needs, we have a plan for you to build computer vision models better and faster.

Everything You Need to Build and Deploy Vision AI

Powerful and advanced features for the entire computer vision development pipeline.


USD 499 / mo

For developers and researchers building models with more quota and advanced features.

50,000 Assets

30,000 IntelliBrush Tokens / mo

50 Multi-Format Model Exports

3,000 GPU Training Mins / mo

Python SDK (Read Only)

Slack Community Support

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paid annually, or $499 USD/mo paid monthly

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For teams building and scaling their machine learning pipeline collaboratively.

More than 50,000 Assets

100,000 IntelliBrush Tokens / mo

500 Multi-Format Model Exports

20,000 GPU Training Mins / mo

Annotation Workflow Automation

Active Learning Capabilities

External Bucket Sync

GPU Deployment

Python SDK (Read-Write)

Dedicated Slack Support

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For private and government organisations with distinct requirements.

From 1,000,000 Assets

Custom IntelliBrush Tokens / mo

Bespoke Multi-Format Model Exports

Tailored GPU Training Mins / mo

All Platform Features

VPC or On-Premise Ready

Advance User Permission Control

Multiple Workspaces

Personalised SLA

Custom Support Plan

HIPPA & SOC II Compliance Reports

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How much data do you have?

Curate unstructured data with precision.

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USD 499

/ month
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Blaze Through Dataset Development

Efficiently manage datasets with version control, custom labelling, precise annotation, automated tools, and advanced search.

No. of Assets
More than 50,000
From 1,000,000
IntelliBrush Credits: AI-Assisted Annotation
30,000 / mo
100,000 / mo
Analytics and Data Management Dashboard
Unlimited Image and Video Annotations
Asset Grouping
Advance Search: Similarity and Metadata
Annotation Workflow Automation
Annotation Performance Monitoring
External Bucket Connections
Trained AI-Assist Labelling
Collaborator Access
Empower Rapid Experimentation to Production

Effortlessly experiment, fine-tune inputs, orchestrate multi-GPU training with advanced models, gain insights, and elevate performance with generative AI.

Model Training Workflow Recommender
Advanced Hyperparameter Tuning
Multi-GPU Training
Concurrent Model Training
Advance Augmentations
Model Testing with Portal
Model Evaluation Visualisation
Experiment Tracking
TensorBoard Visualisation
Advanced Class Filtering
Advanced Error Analysis
Training Logs
Confusion Matrix
Multi-Format Model Export: TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX
Unlock AI's Real-World Potential

Scale deployments on the cloud, edge, VPC, or private network. Integrate with popular apps via APIs, tailored for your business.

Read Only
User Permission Control
Service Level Agreement
CPU Deployment with Datature
GPU Deployment with Datature
Active Learning Capabilities
Virtual Private Cloud
On-Premise Deployment
Superior Technical Support

Fast, reliable, and dedicated experts at your service, ensuring seamless performance so you can concentrate on your business.

Technical Support Channel
Slack Community
Dedicated Slack Channel
Tailored Support Plan
Online Learning Resources
HIPPA & SOC Type II Compliance Report
Customer Support

Advance your project with comprehensive resources and dedicated engineers throughout the pipeline

Online Resources
Communication Channels
Live Chat & Slack
Live Chat & Slack
Live Chat, Slack, & Tele-Conference
Response Time
Powerful Project Management

Manage your team, assets, and workflows on a single platform to accelerate productivity and time to market.

Analytics and Management Dashboard
No. of Projects
No. of Images
Total GPU Training Minutes
Export Format
TensorFlow Only
TensorFlow and TF Lite
TensorFlow and TF Lite
No. of Users
Role-Based Access
For Enterprise
For Enterprise
For Enterprise
Collaborator Access
Best in Class Annotation

Generate precise training data quickly optimised for model training.

IntelliBrush: AI-Assisted Annotation
Add On: IntelliBrush
Add On: IntelliBrush
Unlimited Annotations
Metadata Query
Dedicated Image Gallery
Tag Management
Annotation Exports
Model-Assisted Annotations via Inference API
Subjected to Add On Price
Industry Proven Training Algorithms and Libraries

Train models and avoid bias with advanced evaluations and validations

Multi-GPU Training
Concurrent Model Training
Data Augmentation
Model Testing with Portal
Model Evaluation Visualisation
Experiment Tracking
TensorBoard Visualisation
Advanced Class Filtering
Advanced Error Analysis
Reliable and Scalable Deployment

Deploy models fast and secure through low-code or custom integrations

Datature Management API
Custom Jupyter Notebook Scripts
Private AWS, GCP Integration
Project Success Engineer
SSO Login
For Enterprise
For Enterprise
For Enterprise
Customer Support

Advance your project with comprehensive resources and dedicated engineers throughout the pipeline

Online Resources
Communication Channels
Live Chat & Slack
Live Chat & Slack
Live Chat, Slack, & Tele-Conference
Response Time

Why Use Datature?

Choosing between building your own pipeline and using Datature? Here's why our users choose us.

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Average internally built solution

6-12 Months to Build Custom Data and Training Pipeline

$350k in Combined Salary for a Team

37% More Errors in Data Labelling and 2x More Wasted GPU Resources

23% of Time Wasted on Multiple Redundant Data Transfers

Time Spent on Updating Tools to Latest Methods and Research

11% of Internal Tools Experience Data Breaches or Leaks at Some Point

Tool Created and Used by a Few Engineers

With Datature

Model Training and Secure Pipeline in 2-3 Hours

Scalable Plans that Scale as You Go. Starting from $0

Catch Label Errors Instantly and Run GPU Training with 0 Errors

Secure End-to-End Workflow with 0 Data Transfers

Future-Proofed with Weekly Feature Updates from Datature

HIPAA and SOCII Secured Environment on Datature Cloud

Collaborative Features and Big-Picture view on Datature to Improve Completion

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Expand Your Development Team

Hire a ML Engineer

Accelerate your build and unlock bottlenecks with qualified ML Engineers that augments your team.

Dedicated 24/5 Support via Slack, Email, Teleconference

Unlimited Custom Scripting on Jupyter Notebook

Custom Integrations and Connectors

Outsource Labelling Task Force

Hire an Annotator

Get images annotated quickly and precisely with our verified data labelling workforce.

Seamless annotate to approval workflow

Flexible price plans - pay as you go or annual commitments

Guaranteed turnaround times and quality assured

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer monthly plans?

Yes, we offer monthly plans for the Developer Tier.

For payment options for the Professional and Enterprise plans, please contact us. We might be able to accept monthly payments to help our customers improve cash flow on a case-to-case basis.

Do you have a free trial for the Professional Tier?

Yes, we have a 14-day free trial of all the platform features under a Production Pilot Plan. Please contact us here for more information.

What Type of Data and Model Do You Support?

We support Images (PNG/JPG), Videos (MP4), DICOM/NIFTI, and Point-Cloud (Coming Soon). For models, we support Classifications, Object Detection, Semantic / Instance Segmentation, and Pose-Estimation modalities.

How do I automatically label my dataset with an AI model?

You can automatically label your dataset with AI-assisted labelling available from the Professional Plan onwards. Please read the details here, or schedule a demo.

How many projects can I create on Datature?

Unlimited. You can have an unlimited number of projects in a workspace as long as the total number of assets does not exceed your quota. Our users have anywhere from 2 to 30+ projects depending on their use cases.

What if I run out of quota?

Your projects will be temporarily frozen so you can either upgrade to another plan or to reduce your consumption

How secure is your platform?

Datature is certified HIPAA and SOC Type II. We use state-of-the-art practices such as SignedURLs for controlled access, reducing unauthorised entry and security risks.

How can I invite collaborators to my project?

Collaborator access is available from the Professional Plan and beyond. Refer to the steps provided. To upgrade from the Free and Developer tiers, you can do so on the platform. Utilising Datature Experts won’t use collaborator credits.

Can I import my custom model?

Yes, importing custom models with custom layers is a feature of our Enterprise Plan. Connect with us here to explore how we can assist your use cases.

How can I integrate your platform into my existing AI development pipeline?

Yes, we have a suite of Datature APIs and SDKs that allows granular control of your data and platform usage. Utilise REST APIs to seamlessly incorporate Datature into your data pipeline. Explore the documentation here for more information.

Can I choose who gets to access, annotate, review, and approve dataset annotations?

Yes, you can do so via our Annotation Workflow Automation available from the Professional Plan onwards. Please read the details here, or schedule a demo.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, and other secure online payment options such as wire transfers. Please feel free to contact us for billing matters here.

What if I have specific feature requests?

We love to hear product feedback and feature requests so we can prioritise them. We like to hear from you here on how we can improve your computer vision development pipeline.

I'd like to change a plan, how can I do that?

If you'd like to upgrade your plan or cancel an existing plan - please contact us here.

Where can I learn more about your product?

Please read our comprehensive documentation detailing our product features. Else, check out our blog or schedule a demo with us.

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