Announcing Our Series Seed Funding

Announcing our US$2.7M Series Seed funding round, led by Openspace Ventures, with participation from January Capital and new strategic investors.


We're excited to announce that we've raised US$2.7M for our Series Seed, led by Openspace Ventures - supported by January Capital and other strategic investors. This funding will enable us to scale the platform rapidly, expand our offerings, and grow the team.

Two years ago, we noticed that many industry experts - who sit on troves of valuable unstructured data, do not necessarily possess the requisite knowledge to build ML models. We wanted to create a platform that levels the playing field for these professionals, or "citizen data scientists."

The first version of our product was pretty wonky - but it served a clear goal: to help teams label image data and train neural networks without writing a single line of code. We weren't an expert in any industry vertical, but we figured we didn't have to be one ourselves if we built a tool that different domain experts could use.

Since then, we have iteratively introduced groundbreaking updates such as Intellibrush, Metadata Search, Portal, Data Augmentations, and more. We believe that once we establish a reasonably robust, end-to-end user journey - we can begin extending cutting-edge features at each stage.

Equipping Citizens with Superpowers

No–code platform enables everyone to deliver functionality and value faster. Non-programmers can get involved in building and make changes to existing projects by inputting data into easy-to-use interfaces rather than writing code. Users may concentrate on what has to be done rather than how it should be done.

We believe that the world would be a better place if we empowered people to build their own breakthrough AI capabilities. By democratising access to complex ML processes and algorithms, we allow anyone to disrupt industries.

The Datature platform is built on this belief, and we work tirelessly to bring the cutting-edge to everyone.

The latest funding will enable us to expand our platform offering in order to support more widespread use cases including video analytics, medical and point-cloud data ingestions, and a neural network cloud API for users to deploy AI capabilities anywhere 🚀

In Good Hands

We are glad to partner with Openspace to expand our product development, and accelerate our go-to-market motion with support from their operation team. Additionally, we are very excited to work with incoming strategic investors to assemble a full-stack, high-coverage ML solution for companies.

We'd also like to take the time to thank Sam Gibb, who has given us invaluable support and advice ever since he visited our office back in 2020. We are incredibly grateful for his participation in both the round and our founder sync-ups.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that Ian Sikora, of Openspace, will be joining our board of directors. It is never easy to find an investor who believes and supports your vision -- beyond just words. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team moving forth.

Join the Revolution

While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire team of folks who demands change to stage a revolution. To our colleagues, who have been on this arduous quest to make MLOps more accessible to the masses - thank you for believing in the mission, working relentlessly to drive customer value, and being around since day one; this moment is yours.

We actively look for exceptional engineers, ML researchers, designers, and more. As Sam Altman's blog phrases it -

“The world needs this, it won’t happen any time soon if we don’t do it, and we are much less likely to succeed if you don’t join.”

Why build models for one large company - when you can enable a million teams to develop their own? If democratising access to technology is something you are passionate about, do check out our careers page!

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