The Five Minutes Datature Demo

We streamline the pipeline and tasks required to build computer vision models. Create object detection and segmentation models - without code!


Train Your Own Object Detection Model

Many Ways, One Outcome

After developing computer vision models for different startups and companies, I've come to realize that there's no fixed way to do it. Just the topic of PyTorch vs TensorFlow is polarizing in itself. That's just the tip of the iceberg - atop of the tons of different annotation formats, models and infrastructure setups.

At Datature, we seek to streamline the pipeline and tasks required to build computer vision models effectively. Starting from annotations, dataset management, workflow management, all the way to training and deployment. The interface has been carefully curated to ensure that teams get it right on the first try!

There will be more how-to contents in the upcoming weeks to demonstrate what we believe data teams and researchers should be doing instead. Meanwhile, here's a five minutes introduction video on how you can use our platform to build your models at neck-breaking speed.

An Evolving Product

We believe that the product should constantly evolve to fit more use cases and we are open to suggestions on the next key feature to build. Additionally, we are looking to build a community around the product, so come chat with us on our Slack Channel!

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