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Have a platform for referring people to Datature? Get recurring affiliate commission on all subscription payments made by users referred by you - for up to 12 months!

No clawbacks, no limits šŸŽ‰

Outline of our Affiliate Program

Apply to be a partner

Submit your affiliate partner application - we will get it touch and provide an affiliate link that you can share on your platform, videos or blog on approval.

Spread the enthusiasm

Monetize your reviews, create video courses or just leverage your existing networks. Share insights about us or help startups build AI with Datature - you decide what's best for your audience.

Get paid monthly

For every customer that pays for the platform, you accumulate commission. There's no limits to how much you can earn - payouts are done monthly.

Who Should Apply?

We work with a diverse group of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and bloggers to bring Datature to the hands of more teams and researchers. No-code for AI is eventual. If you and your audience share the same belief - we'd love to work with you šŸ¤œ šŸ¤›