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We simplify the workflow to annotate, train, visualise, and deploy computer vision models, so you can launch products faster and better.

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The different use-cases of Datature AI Vision platform like manufacturing, healthcare, and construction.

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MLOps for AI Vision.
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Image of Datature computer vision training configuration.Image of Datature computer vision model evaluation dashboardImage of Datature Nexus platformImage of Datature's computer vision model architecture.Image of Datature's computer vision model training workflow.Image of Datature's computer vision annotator control.
Data Upload
Image Annotation
Model Training
Model Evaluation
Model Deployment

End-to-End System to Build AI Vision.
Delivering 10x Value - Here’s What We Achieved.

14 Days

Faster Production

Accelerate your time to market by shortening development time from months to just 14 days on average.

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Low Commitment

We empower all non-technical users to build like a pro quickly and easily without the hefty cost of hiring.

3000+ Teams

Built for the World

Join the global community building computer vision models on our no-code MLOps platform, regardless the industry.

Easy Data Preparation

Onboard, manage, and keep track of your datasets as well as teammates on a single platform.

Host Your Training Data The Way You Want It

Drag and drop images of all formats from your local drive or upload them automatically by connecting to your S3 bucket via API.

Image of computer vision annotation import and export format dashboard.

Transit Seamlessly Between Annotators

Import annotations from an outsourced annotating workforce or an open source annotation program into our platform. Continue annotating images or start training a model right away. Else, export annotations in your preferred formats.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision platform's project management features.

Powerful Project Management in a Single Platform

Create multiple projects and assign user access rights. Manage images, tags, and review annotations to reduce bias as well as errors in datasets.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision platform's metasearch and filtering features.

Filter and Sort Images Easily To Find What You Need

Instantly retrieve precise search results with comparative and asset queries to save time.

Advance Annotation Features

Create pixel-perfect annotated images of all formats 10x faster with suite of annotation tools.

Create Pixel-Perfect Mask Outlines with A Few Clicks

Achieve pixel-perfect mask with IntelliBrush by outlining even the most challenging objects. Select regions that are in or out of your interest and achieve precision in a few clicks.

Optimised Annotator That Delights You

A single view with intuitive controls designed to maximise your labelling tasks, regardless the demands.

Image of Datature Nexus intuitive annotator control features.

All the Annotation Tools You Ever Need

Select from a wide variety of annotation tools - Bounding Box, Polygonal, Paintbrush, Free Draw, and DEXTR  - to suit your use-cases in image segmentation, classification, and object detection.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision platform's wide variety of annotation tools.

Analyse Tag Distributions in

Add, remove, and manage multiple tags to identify more than one unique class of objects within an image

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision platform's model label management features.

Optimised Algorithms and Libraries

Build state of the art computer vision models with composable workflows, supported by industry proven algorithms and libraries.

Configure Datasets, Augmentations, and Models to Enhance Performance

Customise training workflows by configuring datasets, augmentations, and models quickly and easily to suit any model training via an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision platform's hyperparameter tuning features.

Achieve Optimal Results with Hyperparameter Tuning

Experiment and iterate quickly to achieve optimal results with hyperparameters tuning made easy from model architecture, batch size, number of epochs, and many more.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision auto image augmentation capabilities.

Improve Model's Robustness Automatically

Enhance your model's robustness and outcomes by enriching it with auto image augmentations that scales with your training checkpoints.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision platform's model training options and configurations.

Configure to Optimise Training Outcomes

Select a range of hardware acceleration settings and checkpoint strategies to optimise training outcomes.

Accurate Model Evaluation and Visualisation

Assess your model's performance with interactive metrics, graphs, and visualisation tools in realtime.

Evaluate Metrics That Matter in a Single View

Make informed decisions in a single glance to improve your model's performance by reviewing neural training insights against target metrics - Total Loss, Classification Loss, and Localisation Loss.

Monitor Training Performance to Spot Errors Early

Track model training progress with realtime reporting by reviewing General Loss, Detection Box , and Mask Matrices. Stop training and save costs and iterate quickly to converge towards your target.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision model training dashboard.

Assess and Improve Model Performance Easily

Visually evaluate the model performance against ground truth to glean insights. Improve performance by trying multiple models and reduce overfitting in a few clicks.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision model evaluation feature.

Be Notified of Every Stage of the Training

Gain visibility of the status and errors of your model training from start to finish.

Image of Datature Nexus computer vision model training status.

Seamless Deployment via API

Deploy your model and scale your application with our reliable global cloud infrastructure, regardless of the tech stack. Or export your model and use it as an inference in other applications.

Image of Datature Nexus platform computer vision API integration feature.

Easy API Integration for Any Tech Stack

Quickly integration powerful APIs with your stack and start running inference predictions with a few lines of code.

Image of Datature Nexus platform computer vision API integration feature.

Export Model and Use as an Inference

Export your best model that suits your use-case, depending on the highest mean Average Precision, lowest Total Loss, or any of the other metrics.

Illustration of Datature Platform secure and compliant infrastructure capabilities.

Secure and Compliant Infrastructure without Breaking a Sweat

Our cloud platform complies with leading security standards - SOC2. We secure your storage, compute, data, and network service all in one place.

Image of Datature Nexus platform optimised cloud implementation capabilities.

Built By Cloud Engineers
You Can Trust

From load balancing to instances, we provide the reliability without the hefty cost.

Customers Love Us

Powering the Community - Innovators to Enterprises

See how our products have helped customers build computer vision models to fuel their experiments, proof of concepts, and businesses.

Image of Complex Defect Detection in Manufacturing use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Complex Defect Detection

Image of Pipeline Inspection in Utilities and Energy use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Utilities and Energy:
Pipeline Inspection

Image of Remote Monitoring in Construction use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Remote Construction Monitoring

Image of Crop Disease Detection in Agriculture solutions, built by Datature Nexus AI Vision platform.

Crop Grading

Smart City:
Traffic Safety Monitoring

Utilities and Energy:
Cable Line Assessment

Pest Detection

Robotics Line Processing

Retail and E-Commerce:
Inventory Management

Image of City Surveillance in Smart City use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Smart Cities:
City Surveillance

Image of Life Stock Monitoring in Agriculture use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Life Stock Monitoring

Image of Automated Checkout in Retail and E-commerce use-cases build on the Datature Nexus computer vision MLOps platform.

Retail and E-Commerce:
Automated Checkout

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare:
Digital Pathology

Image of Harvest Optimisation in Agriculture use-cases build on the Datature Nexus platform.

Harvest Optimisation

Smart Cities:
Occupancy Management

Wafer Defect Detection

Retail and E-Commerce:
Footfall Analysis

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare:
Medical Imaging

Utilities & Energy:
Solar Panel Inspection

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